Cornel Rasor

A Conservative Republican For Idaho State Representative, District 1

  • Truly Pro-Life
  • Control budget by returning decisions to the private sector
  • Advocate for citizens’ right to bear arms
  • The best interests of childrens education is with the parents
  • State and counties are best suited to manage lands
  • By reducing regulations we limit government and give citizens a voice
  • Will keep his oath to protect the constitutions of the United States and Idaho
  • A strong advocate for adhering to our founding principles

Cornel Rasor

A note

From Cornel…

My name is Cornel Rasor and I would like to have the opportunity to work for you in Boise. I have been a conservative all of my voting life and will bring to the office of state representative dedication, a studious attitude, decisions made by principal and based upon the Constitution and a great desire to serve the constituents of the District One in Idaho. I grew up in the state, raised my family here and I would like to see Idaho continue to be the last best place to be. I have been married to Kim Luckey Rasor for 47 years. I have three grown, productive children and 16 grandchildren. I have managed the Army Surplus in Sandpoint for 41 years and owned it for 2 years.I served as a County Commissioner in Bonner County for four years.

Cornel & Kim Rasor

I am a true pro-life advocate with no exceptions.

I believe the state budget can be reduced and managed as we explore ways to return some of the responsibilities that should be private to the private sector.

I have an uncompromising stand on the right of citizens to keep and bear arms both for their own self-protection and the protection of their communities and for resistance to the tyranny of overreaching government should that ever happen.

I believe education should be directed by the parents and the responsibility for education should be managed at the closest level to the home possible. Local school districts must be reinvigorated. Parents are the final authority to direct the education, health and safety of their children.

I believe the lands in our beautiful state must be managed and wisely used, again at the closest level to the people. That is, the state and counties have a better opportunity to see to it that our public lands are managed properly.

I believe that Gov. Little’s work to reduce regulation in our state is an excellent foray into limiting government and I believe he has made a good start.

I will truly honor the oath I will take to support and defend the Constitution of both the United States and the state of Idaho. I will honor the principles laid down in the Idaho Republican platform that adhere to our founding principles.

I will fight for you in Boise and I will not compromise the values that have made Idaho the great state that it is. I humbly ask for your vote in May of 2024.


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